Academic life

Teaching is my greatest legacy

It has been present in the corporate world for more than 15 years and has acquired experience that needs to be shared.

I am passionate about sharing knowledge, I believe that through education I am putting a brick in the construction of our society for a better future for all.

One of my skills is to acquire knowledge and transform it with a more inclusive didactic, ensuring that knowledge is transferred more smoothly and that it will never be forgotten.

Since 2019 I have been working as a Professor and Coordinator at the BBI OF CHICAGO Institution and through it, I am proud to present four Lato-Sensu Specialization courses recognized by the MEC – Brazil Ministry of Culture.

Digital Transformation and Innovation

This course was designed for you who seek positioning as an Agent of Digital Transformation. You will learn how to manage innovation in any organization.

Product Management

In addition to digital products, the concept of Product itself. Everything in the world is better managed when you are dealing with products and in this course, you will learn everything to become the best product management person.

Hybrid Project Management

Why be just one type of project manager when you can be a Project Manager Super Person? In this course you will learn how to manage projects regardless of the approach that will be used, Agile or Traditional.

Data Management

Everything we do today has Data as its main result. It is often said that data is the new oil and for that, we need to take responsibility to manage something that is so valuable in our society. Become a data manager ready for every challenge.

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