One of my favorite things to do is share my knowledge. Whether in Training, Courses, Postgraduate or Lectures format.
On this page I want to share with you the main topics that I practice in the Lecture format.

Productivity in Complex and Agile Environments

Many companies live in complex management and creation environments. Better understand this scenario and the possibilities for having an agile organization.

Digital Transformation is not a Project​

We are in the Age of Digital Transformation and many people misinterpret this movement. I’ll show you that we’re talking much more than technology or a project, but a Program.

Listen to Evolve

The art of listening is one of the greatest tools in the world and when applied in organizational contexts, the results are exponential.

I'm Digital... And now?

The evolution in the Digital Transformation program does not end when we have digitized processes. I share some visions and strategies that can boost your work towards the Data Driven company.

Digital Twins, what is it?

The next step in becoming a data driver company is actually using this data to make better decisions, increase predictability and be able to coexist in the physical and digital world at the same time.